Nakivo Backup & Replication 6.1 released


Nakivo released Backup & Replication 6.1 introducing new features to improve VMware backup performance and simplify the backup management.

Instant Object Recovery and Log Truncation for Exchange, Hot Add transport mode and Job Chaining are the main features introduced with the new release.


What’s new

Instant Object Recovery for Microsoft Exchange 2016/2013 – this agentless feature enables browsing, searching, and recovering Microsoft Exchange 2016/2013 objects directly from compressed and deduplicated VMware VM backups, without the need to restore the entire VM first.

Log Truncation for Microsoft Exchange 2016/2013 – Nakivo now provides an option to truncate logs of Microsoft Exchange 2016/2013 after a successful backup saving disk space.


Hot Add – enables writing VM data directly from/to the VM datastore, bypassing the network. Nakivo automatically uses Hot Add to offload production LAN from the data protection traffic.


Job Chaining – the new feature allows to trigger another job in a chain when the first job finishes. You can run Backup job that saves data locally then trigger a Backup copy job to send backup copies to another location.



Update the Virtual Appliance

To upgrade the VA to the new release, login the Nakivo VA by entering the administrative credentials then click Log In.


In the web console, click on Product update available button or download the latest Linux/VA updater from Nakivo website.


Click Download.


From Nakivo website, select Linux/VA Updater download.


Stop running jobs or repository maintenance tasks and upload the updater file to the /opt/nakivo/updates folder on the VA. Using a tool like WinSCP to copy the file to the VA, select the updater to copy and choose Binary from the Transfer settings dropdown menu. Click Copy to transfer the file.


The file is being copied into the VA.


From the VMware vSphere Web Client, access the Nakivo VA console. Select the VA and click Launch Remote Console.


Select Software update option and press Enter.


Select the updater file and press Enter.


The installation begins.


Type y to accept the EULA.


Type y to proceed with the update.


When the update process has completed successfully, press Esc to exit.


Login to the Nakivo Web Console. Note the new option Remember me.


Click the question mark ? in the top-right side and select About to show current version.


The procedure to update the VA to version 6.1 is now complete.


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