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Runecast Analyzer 2.1 with simplified reporting


Runecast released the new Runecast Analyzer 2.1 version with a simplified reporting creation to provide the status of your environment and HIPAA security check.

The new version extends the reporting area by simplifing the overall process of reports creation related to the managed virtual infrastructure. To provide a detailed report of the virtual infrastructure status is now easier than ever.


What's new in Runecast Analyzer 2.1


Simplified reporting

The creation of the report it's a matter of seconds. From the main dashboard simply click the Generate Report button.


The report includes a lot of useful information about the status of your infrastructure:

  • Configuration issues summary by severity
  • Security compliance and Best Practice implementation
  • Historical data on issue discovery and fixes
  • Hosts with most issues detected
  • Detected issues displayed as VMware layers


The requirement of having a clear idea of what's going on with connected vCenters is met with the Analysis Detail page that shows a summary status.


The report includes also a detailed list of TOP 50 Issues found in your VMware environment.



HIPAA security check

To enable this feature, from the dashboard click the Settings icon and go to Security Compliance tab. Click Edit button.


Check the HIPAA check box and click Update.


Click Analyze now to scan your system.


When the scan process has completed, go to Security Hardening > HIPPAA section to see the results. From this screen you can see detected HIPAA privacy and security violations with a detailed explaination and how to fix.


The result can also be exported as report by clicking the Export button and selecting the desired format.


The created HIPAA report.


Runecast Analyzer 2.1 is available to download as 14-days free trail.


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