Disable "High pNic error rate detected" error in vSphere


Since VMware vSphere 7.0 Update 2 a new alarm has been introduced named "High pNic error rate detected." triggered for one or more ESXi hosts in a vSAN environment.

Although the new alarm can be an additional useful parameter to determine the quality of your network, it can be sometimes annoying for infrastructures that have never shown particular issues. The alarm can be safely disabled in case of need.

"High pNic error rate detected" error

Introduced in VMware vSphere 7.0 U2, this new alarm monitors certain counters of the physical NICs used for vSAN traffic.

In the following table are reported the monitored network metrics and the thresholds.


As stated by VMware, this is an alarm that does not affect the functionality of the system and can be ignored.

Note from VMware: Part of above alarms are caused by special network frame length mismatch packages, after confirmed by package source vendor, it could be safely ignored.


Disable "High pNic error rate detected" alarm

The error can be easily recognized looking at the vCenter Server. Every host affected by the alarm has a red exclamation mark.


Select the vCenter object and go to Configure tab. Select Alarm Definitions under Security and click the Filter icon to locate the alarm definition.


Select the High pNic error rate detected alarm and click Disable.


After disabling the alarm, the error is no longer displayed in the vCenter.


Before disabling this alarm, make sure your network doesn't have any issue related to the monitored metrics.


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