VMware Horizon 2006 upgrade from version 7.x


With the release of VMware Horizon 2006, existing Horizon deployments should be upgraded to the new version by following a specific upgrade process order.

If you have View Composer, do not upgrade to VMware Horizon 2006 unless you have a clear plan to move to instant clones.

The supported versions for a direct upgrade to VMware Horizon 2006 are the following:

  • VMware Horizon 7 (all 7.x versions)

Check your installed version before proceeding with the upgrade.


If you have a different version installed, check out the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix before upgrading.


Before upgrading to Horizon 2006

Before upgrading to version 2006, you must uninstall features that are no longer supported or deprecated:

  • Security Server
  • JMP Server
  • View Composer
  • Persona - this tool is no longer supported, user's profiles must be managed with DEM.

Backup the Connection Server and record various configuration and system settings. If you have replicated Connection Servers, just backup only one instance in the group.

Make sure you have a valid license for the latest release of the Connection Server before upgrading.

This article has been written for StarWind blog and can be found in this page. It covers the full procedure to perform the upgrade to VMware Horizon 2006 from version 7.x with the correct upgrade sequence.


Upgrade Horizon to version 2006

If you have multiple Connection Servers replicated, all servers must be upgraded to avoid instances in error states.

Run the installer on the server to upgrade and click Next. Keep in mind that during this procedure also the Horizon LDAP database is upgraded.


Accept the EULA and click Next.


Click Next.


Click Install to proceed with the upgrade.


The new version is being installed.


After few minutes the installation completes. Click Finish to exit the wizard.


Read the full article on StarWind blog.