Aggiornare VMware vRealize Log Insight a 8.0


Per sfruttare le ultime funzionalità incluse nella versione 8.0, l'appliance vRealize Log Insight in esecuzione nella propria infrastruttura deve essere aggiornata seguendo una semplice procedura.

The procedure is automated and it takes only few minutes to complete.

In order to avoid issues if the upgrade procedure fails, take a snapshot of the appliance to upgrade before proceeding. Right click the vRealize Log Insight appliance and select Snapshots > Take Snapshot.



Configure the network gateway

Before run the upgrade we need to add a parameter to the NIC configuration of the appliance due to a known issue during the upgrade from version 4.8 to 8.0.

From vSphere Client access the appliance's console and press CTR+ALT+F1.


Edit the NIC configuration file with the command:

# vi /etc/syconfig/networking/devices/ifcfg-eth0


Add the gateway information with the correct IP address then save the file.



Upgrade VMware Log Insight to version 8.0

Login to VMware Log Insight and go to Administration > Management > Cluster section. Click Upgrade Cluster to run the upgrade procedure.


Select the VMware-vRealize-Log-Insight-8.0.0-14870409.pak file required to perform the upgrade the existing installation. Click Upgrade to proceed.


The .PAK file is being uploaded to the system.


When the upload has completed, click Accept to accept the EULA and start the upgrade.


The upgrade process begins.


After few minutes, the procedure completes. Click OK.


The installed version is now reported as 8.0.0. The upgrade was successfull.


vRealize Log Insight can now take benefit of the new features provided in version 8.0.


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