Veeam Vanguard 2021


I have been notified that my nomination for the Veeam Vanguard 2021 has been approved and for the sixth time in a row I have the privilege and the honor to be part of this amazing group.


Veeam Vanguard 2021 program

A Veeam Vanguard represents Veeam brand to the highest level in many of the different technology communities. These individuals are chosen for their acumen, engagement and style in their activities on and offline.

More info about the program can be found on the official Veeam Vanguard page.


A big thanks to the Veeam Vanguard team for this opportunity.

Danny Allan
CTO and SVP at Veeam (Executive sponsor of the Vanguard program)

Andrew Zhelezko, Anthony Spiteri, David Hill, Edwin Weijdema, Karinne Bessette, Melissa Palmer, Michael Cade, Rick Vanover
Technologist staff at Veeam

Dmitry Kniazev, Kirsten Stoner, Nikola Pejková
Technical Analyst staff at Veeam

Congratulations to all renewed and new Veeam Vanguard members!