Migrating a Citrix XenServer VM to VMware


If you need to migrate a Citrix XenServer VM to VMware vSphere platform, there is a specific procedure to follow since a direct migration is not supported.

The migration procedure is composed by three steps: export, disk conversion, finalization.


Export XenServer VM to VMware

To export a XenServer virtual machine, login to the XenCenter and locate the cluster to process.


Search for the VM to export.


To finalize the export, the VM must be powered off. Right click the desired VM and select Shut Down.


Click Yes to confirm.


The VM is being powered off.


When the shutdown operation has been completed, right click the powered off VM and select Export. Keep in mind that XenServer cannot export VMs bigger than 2 TB. The source VM is not deleted.

xenserver vm to vmware 1

This article has been written for StarWind blog and can be found in this page. It covers the full procedure to migrate a Citrix XenServer VM to VMware.


Finalize the conversion

Open the vSphere Client, right click the just created VM and select Edit Settings.

xenserver vm to vmware 2

Click Add New Device and select CD/DVD Drive to install the device since VMware Tools installation will require it. Keep in mind the Network adapter configured after the creation is set to E1000 type.

xenserver vm to vmware 3

Power on the virtual machine to check if everything works as expected.

xenserver vm to vmware 4

The virtual machine is now running on the vSphere platform. Make sure the source virtual machine on XenServer is not powered on to avoid IP address conflict.

Read the full article on StarWind blog.


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