RecoverPoint uninstall procedure


To remove the RecoverPoint software from your environment, you need to follow a specific RecoverPoint uninstall procedure to avoid possible errors.

Corrupted installations, unsolvable errors can be some reasons why you need to uninstall RecoverPoint.

The manual procedure requires a bit of time and a specific order must be followed to avoid issues:

  • Unprotecting VMs
  • Removing the vRPA cluster from the RecoverPoint for VMs system
  • Detaching vRPAs
  • Powering off vRPAs
  • Uninstalling the RecoverPoint for VMs splitter
  • Deleting the repository folder
  • Unregistering the RP extension from the Managed Object Browser
  • Verifying that the configuration parameters are empty
  • Removing the vRPA iSCSI IPs
  • Removing custom tokens from the Managed Object Browser
  • Cleaning up the vRPAs

Fortunately the RecoverPoint uninstall procedure can be automated with the uninstaller tool provided by Dell that performs all required operations.



To use the uninstaller tool, there are some prerequisites to be met:

  • Uninstaller Tool (make sure it matches the installed RecoverPoint version)
  • Java installed in the computer where the tool will run


RecoverPoint uninstall procedure

From Dell website, select RecoverPoint for Virtual Machine as product and filter the search by uninstaller keyword. Before downloading the tool, make sure the uninstaller version matches your current installed RecoverPoint version.


Extract the .ZIP content anywhere in the computer used to run the tool and double click on the uninstaller.bat file.


Enter uninstall and press Enter to begin the procedure.


Specify the IP address of the vCenter Server and the vCenter port is used (default 443). Press Enter.


Enter the user name and password to connect the vCenter Server then press Enter.


The tool checks the vCenter connectivity. When the connection has been established, type n to skip adding a new vCenter Server and press Enter.


The vCenter is scanned to find installed RecoverPoint clusters.


Type 1 to select the cluster to remove and press Enter.


Type y to confirm the removal. The list of clusters to be removed is shown.


Type y to proceed with RecoverPoint uninstall process.


The uninstall process removes VMs protection, vRPAs, plugins, splitters.


The RecoverPoint uninstall procedure is now complete and all RecoverPoint components have been uninstalled from your environment.


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