Turbonomic Cloud Cost Compare


Cloud Cost Compare (C^3) is the new free service offered by Turbonomic that provides the best decision of where to run your apps to assure performance while minimizing costs.

Developers and deployment engineers are at the forefront of building, deploying and improving the applications their business counterparts depend upon. Delivering a reliable service without over spending on Azure, AWS or the favorite cloud makes the decision of where to run applications more complex.

The service leverages an Autonomic Platform and its core economic decision engine running in AWS. C^3 takes both real-time performance and cost considerations into account when making the decisions.


Register to Cloud Cost Compare

To register to the service, open your favorite browser and type the address  https://c3.turbonomic.com/.

Enter your Email address and click Start Now.


The system sends an email to the specified email address with a confirmation link.


Click on the received link and enter the requested info in the web page. Click Create Account when done.



Define your application

Once created the new account, select Manual Entry option in order to enter specific details.


Type the details of your application and click Submit.


After few seconds, the recommendations for the specified application are displayed. You can also export the report by clicking on Export Results as PDF button.


The exported report in PDF format.


Where should you run that new or existing workload, where will it best perform, how much will it cost to run, how long will it take to figure all of this out? Try Cloud Cost Compare to get the answers.