VMTurbo launches Hybrid Cloud Control for Arista Networks


VMTurbo, the real-time application performance control system for the software-defined data center, announced the launch of their Hybrid Cloud Control solution for Arista networked environments.

This solution enables network-aware control for workloads bursting to and from the public cloud and helps to accelerate delivery of new applications at scale.


Arista EOS CloudVision and VMTurbo

  • Guaranteed QoS levels across any cloud.
  • Streamline management of network and virtualized environments with fewer system administrators providing better management of larger environments.
  • Accelerate migration to new virtualization and cloud architectures including OpenStack, Docker and Hybrid Cloud deployment models.
  • Rapid time to value, deploy and scale to production in hours, see and realize value in days.



Arista Networks Control Module

  • Reduce inter-application tier latency by placing “chatty” workloads close to each other.
  • Dynamically group workloads based on frequency of communication.
  • Auto discover network topology trough VM Tracer optimizing for intra-host or hosts that share a switch vs. cross-switch flow.
  • Shape traffic flow and minimize buffer overflow risk through Latency Analyzer integration.


Additional info about how Arista and VMTurbo are enabling enterprises to guarantee application Quality of Service at scale on any cloud can be found here.