Vembu BDR Suite 4.0.1: backup physical Windows Servers


Vembu BDR Suite 4.0.1 provides the capability to backup physical Windows Servers including the operating system, applications and files using the ImageBackup component.

Relying on Vembu's proprietary CBT driver and ensuring an RPO < 15 minutes, failed physical Windows Servers can be quickly restored with the Quick VM Recovery and Instant File Level recovery functions reducing services disruption.

In order to perform a physical Windows Server backup, Vembu injects an agent to the physical server to protect.


Configure a backup job for physical Windows Servers

Using the preferred browser, access the login page of Vembu BDR Suite. Enter Username and Password then click Sign in.


Select Backup > Microsoft Windows option from main menu.


Enter the physical Windows Servers to backup and click Add Credentials to specify the credentials to use.


Enter User Name and Password of the Windows account with administrative provileges in the target server and optionally a Description to better identify the credentials type. Click Save.


When the credentials have been specified, click Add Host to inject the Vembu agent into the server to protect.


Click OK to confirm the agent installation.


Click on the Status icon to check the agent deployment progress.


During the deployment process you may receive an error related to missing privileges required to install the agent. To continue with the configuration you need to grant the correct permissions.



Grant permissions to the Windows account

To succeed with the agent deployment, the used account must have the appropriate privileges in the target physical Windows Servers.

Login to the Windows Server and run services.msc to manage running services.


From the available services, right click VembuBDR service and select Properties.


Select This account option and enter the value .\Administrator and the appropriated Password of the local machine administrator, then click Apply.


Click OK.


To enable the new configuration a service restart is required. Click OK.


Right click VembuBDR service and select Restart.


Selected service is being restarted.


This time the agent deployment is completed successfully and the machine is now ready to be configured for the backup. Click Backup Now to configure the Backup Job.


If Vembu ImageBackup is not yet installed in the system, you may receive a warning. Click to Install Drivers link to install the required drivers.


Click OK to proceed with server reboot.


When the driver has been installed and the server rebooted, click Backup Now once again to proceed with the Backup Job configuration.


Select the disk to protect and click Next.


Since a drive letter should be used, you receive a warning. Click OK to let the system automatically assign a letter to the partition.


When all partitions have the drive letters assigned, click Next.


If requested, you can enable the Application Aware Processing to ensure data integrity and consistency for database applications. Click Next.


Specify a Schedule then click Next.


Specify the desired Retention and click Next.


Enter the Job Name and enable the option Run this Job immediately after saving to run the backup without waiting for the configured schedule. Click Save the backup.


Click OK to confirm.


The Backup Job has been created successfully. If the Run this Job immediately after saving option was previously enabled, the backup takes place immediately.


Clicking the green triangle you can check the backup progress of the configured physical Windows Server.


Depending on the size of the data to backup, after few minutes the job is completed successfully. From the Dashboard click Reports to get all info about the executed Backup Job.


Vembu BDR Suite 4.0.1 is a valid backup solution to ensure the protection for both physical and virtual environments and features provided cover all requirements an administrator may have.

To test physical Windows Servers backup, Vembu BDR Suite is available to download as 30-day trial or as free edition.