VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.6 released


VMTurbo released Operations Manager 5.6 that includes a turnkey integration with private cloud platform ServiceNow and ships significant performance improvements.

Version 5.6 improves the user interface for a better understanding of the environment and the VA can be updated in online or offline mode.


What's new

New features have been added to the new release.


New Integration

VMTurbo added a turnkey integration with ServiceNow adding a real-time placement decisions with a plugin that interact with VMTurbo instance.

This way VMTurbo capability can determine best host and datastore to place VMs by understanding the current as well we future resource demand. VMTurbo can tells you if sufficient resources are available while reserving capacity for future projects workloads.



Extended Control for any generic Java Virtual Machine

VMTurbo extends its control beyond JVM platforms to any generic Java Virtual Machine (JVM) providing visibility into metrics like heap utilization and garbage collection within your Java applications.

This metrics allow scaling decisions to assure performance while increasing your environment’s utilization. This feature can be used by any JVM with remote JMX enabled.



UCS Improved Performance

Enhanced fabric market abstraction leads to improved system performance and reduced fabric utilization. The Fabric infrastructure increases VMTurbo’s ability to take informed workload placement decisions, which drive your environment to an even healthier state.

Based on port channel utilization, VMTurbo will tell you whether you should add a new port or remove one in order to achieve the best performance of your applications.



Deeper visibility into CloudStack

By providing increased visibility into your Apache CloudStack environment, VMTurbo can now dive deeper into your data center’s configuration and constraints.

Version 5.6 discovers and adheres to CloudStack anti-affinity policies. Actions are now executed directly via CloudStack rather than through the hypervisor.


Adhering to anti-affinity policies.



Customized Storage & Host Profiles

More accurate plan results with your individual storage and host profiles. It is possible to create, modify and share custom profiles in the Green Circle community.


Storage profile

  • VC Storage profiles provide an ability to group Storages to match a profile
  • This feature is driven through the use of VC Tags
  • Pre-requisites and dependencies: VC version above 5.5



UI and UX Enhancements

Improved Plan Summary.

  • Background processing
  • Better feedback to the user

Summary of actions in the plan report.



Instance visibility when using Aggregation.

  • Easily find which VMTurbo instance the entity is being managed by



Cluster Capacity Dashboard

  • Populate the Cluster Capacity Dashboard as the different instances compute the values
  • Added an API to retrieve the data directly from the aggregator



Reporting enhancements

  • Specify email address in “Generate Now" screen to test email
  • Scoped VM Right-sizing Report



Offline Update

Before upgrade, you need to identify if openSuSE (default) or Red Hat is the architecture of your VMTurbo Server to download the correct upgrade file.

To identify the distribution and version in use, login in VMTurbo and select Settings icon > About menu.


In the About Operations Manager window identify the installed release.


To upgrade to the newest release 5.6, download the offline update zip file from the following links:

Check out this guide to perform an offline upgrade.


Additional information about VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.6 can be found in the Release Notes.