VMware UAG DNS resolution issue


Once the Unified Access Gateway (UAG) has been deployed and configured, the VMware UAG DNS is not able to name resolve the Connection Servers if the FQDN includes the .local domain.

Despite the correct DNS and Search suffix settings configured, once the appliance is rebooted after the deployment the Horizon Destination Server (Connection Server) is unreacheable from the UAG appliance. This problem occurs when the FQDN of your Connetion Server is a .local domain (for example w16-cs01.nolabnoparty.local).



VMware UAG DNS fix

To fix this issue, there two possible workaround:

  • the use of the IP Address instead of FQDN
  • modify an entry in the resolved.conf file in the UAG appliance

Use the IP Address

An easy solution to allow the Unified Access Gateway appliance to reach the Connection Servers can be achieved by entering the IP Address instead of the FQDN in the Connection Server URL field.



Edit the /etc/systemd/resolved.conf file

If you want to use the FQDN instead, you have to edit the /etc/systemd/resolved.conf file in the UAG appliance.

Using a tool like PuTTY, SSH the UAG by entering the root credentials.


Edit the file /etc/systemd/resolved.conf with the vi command.

# vi /etc/systemd/resolved.conf


Uncomment (remove the #) the Domains line and specify your DNS Search Domain (in the example nolabnoparty.local). When done save the file with the :wq command.



Now Reboot the appliance to apply the changes.

# reboot


When the appliance has booted, login to the UAG appliance and check the Connection Server connectivity. This time the Connection Server is reachable since the DNS name is resolved with no issues and all components are marked as green.


Once the Connetion Server is reacheable from the Unified Access Gateway, remote users can connect the corporate Horizon infrastructure.