Dell-EMC Data Domain VE OS upgrade


To keep the Data Domain storage healthy maintaining both performance and security at highest levels, the upgrade of the OS should be done on regular basis.

The upgrade should be done when the load on the storage is minor to avoid performance issues.


Check the upgrade path

Before proceeding with the upgrade of your Data Domain, it is necessary to verify the current installed OS version and the desired upgrade version to verify the correct upgrade path.

In this example, the OS version is installed in the Data Domain to upgrade. From Dell-EMC website latest available OS version is currently the


Reading the controller upgrade notes it is reported:

All controller upgrade eligible systems (head swap) to DD9900, DD9400, DD6900, must upgrade to DD OS prior to performing the controller upgrade.

A direct upgrade from version to is then not supported but it is necessary to upgrade to version first.


Upgrade the Data Domain Virtual Edition

After downloading the required versions from Dell website, access the Data Domain System Manager.

The procedure will be composed by two stage upgrade:

  • Upgrade to version
  • Upgrade to version


Stage 1: Upgrade to version

Go to Maintenance > System section and click Upload Upgrade Package.


Click Browse and select the OS and click OK.


The package is being uploaded to the Data Domain.


When the upload has been completed, click Close.


Select the uploaded package and click Upgrade Precheck.


The package is verified by the system.


Click Close when the check has been completed.


Click Perform System Upgrade when ready.


Click OK to proceed with the upgrade.


The upgrade process takes place.


When the OS upgrade completes and the system restarted, go to Maintenance > System section to check the installed version. As expected the reported version is Select the OS package and click Remove Upgrade Package to free the storage space.


Click OK to proceed with removal.


The package has been removed successfully. Click Close.


The first stage of the upgrade has been completed.


Stage 2: Upgrade to version

Click Upload Upgrade Package to upload the second package.


Click Browse and select the package to upload then click OK.


The package is being uploaded to the system.


Select the just uploaded package and click Perform System Upgrade to perform the upgrade by following same steps as we have done before.

When the OS has been installed and the system rebooted, the installed OS version is now the


The procedure to upgrade the Data Domain storage to latest version is now complete.

EMC Data Domain Virtual Edition is available as 45-day trial limited to 0,5 TB storage space.