Nakivo Backup & Replication 9.0 with physical Windows Server support


Nakivo released the new Nakivo Backup & Replication 9.0 providing the backup support for physical Windows Server as well as the new per-machine licensing model.

Nakivo made an additional step in extending its offer in the market providing all the backup features required by administrators with a cost-effective solution.


What's new in Nakivo Backup & Replication 9.0

After adding VMware vSphere 6.7 U2 support in version 8.5.2, the new release provides the support for physical Windows Server machines.


Incremental Windows Server Backup

Using a proprietary CBT method to transfer changed blocks only to the repository, physical Windows Servers can now be protected by Nakivo Backup & Replication 9.0 performing incremental backups. Backup performances can be improved leaveraging the Network Acceleration feature to speed up backups over busy or slow networks. Backups can also be secured from unauthorized accesses with the AES 256 encryption.

To backup a Windows Server, you need to add the server to the Inventory first in order to enable physical servers protection. Access the Settings area and go to Inventory tab. Click Add New and select Physical server(s) option.


Specify the required parameters then click Add at the bottom-right side of the screen. To enable the physical backup, Nakivo will install a transporter agent on each server to protect.


In the Inventory tab the configured physical Windows Server is now displayed.


In the Transporter tab you can notice the transporter configured in the physical server to protect.


Looking at the installed apps in the protected Windows Server, the Nakivo transporter is displayed in the list.


Once the physical Windows Server has been configured in the Inventory and the Transporter installed, you can configure the backup job from the Nakivo's Dashboard. Click Create in main menu and select Physical server backup job option.


Specify the Physical Servers to backup and complete the job configuration.



Application-consistent backup

Physical Microsoft Windows Servers are now supported with incremental and application-aware backups ensuring data consistency for protected applications and databases such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Active Directory, and Oracle running on physical machines.


Global Data Deduplication

In addition to VMs and AWS EC2 instances backups, now also physical machine backups can be stored in a backup repository. Regardless of the platform, data backups can be deduplicated in order to save only changed blocks reducing the storage space used by physical machine backups.


Instant Granular Recovery

The new version provides the capability to perform instant recovery of files, folders and Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, and SQL directly from deduplicated physical machine backups. Universal Application Object Recovery allows the recovery of objects from any other applications.


Physical to Virtual (P2V)

Physical to Virtual feature provides the capability to restore physical Windows Server backups to VMware and Hyper-V VMs.


Per-machine licensing

Nakivo introduces a new per-machine licensing model valid for physical machines, VMware VM, Hyper-V VM, Nutanix AHV VM, or AWS EC2 instance. This approach allows the administrators to move VMs betweens platforms with no additional changes in the existing data protection licensing,


Hyper-V 2019 support

Nakivo Backup & Replication 9.0 now fully supports Microsoft Hyper-V 2019.


Nakivo Backup & Replication 9.0 is available to download as 30-day trial.