Runecast Analyzer 2.7.3 with editable PCI-DSS and ESXi Upgradability feature


Runecast released the new Runecast Analyzer 2.7.3 with the new editable PCI-DSS checks capability as well as the ESXi Upgradability feature already introduced in version 2.7.

In addition to the enhanced automated VMware HCL functionality first introduced in version 2.6, and the ESXi Upgradability feature in version 2.7, newest version 2.7.3 provides now the capability for organizations that requires the customization of security criteria to edit the PCI-DSS security checks such as password, timeout, and so on.

To avoid new issues in your vSphere environment due to unsupported components, most recent releases of Runecast Analyzer provide the automated VMware HCL and ESXi upgradability features to help the administrators to prevent potential problems in the infrastructure due to unsupported hardware or firmware.

For each new implementation of vSphere or infrastructure upgrade, compliance with the HCL is the key for a successfull result. A correct compliance design facilitates not only the daily administrators job but prevents service outages, unpredictable system behaviors, and performance degradation.

With Runecast Analyzer is now possible to analyze and detect potential issues or uncompatibility in a totally automated way without relying on complex scripts or manual checks.



Runecast Analyzer ESXi Upgradability feature

With the automated VMware HCL capability introduced in version 2.6, the product is able to monitor the hardware models, drivers, and firmware against VMware Knowledge Base articles.

To meet the challenge of staying within the HCL matrices in order to avoid issues that could disrupt some services, the new ESXi Upgradability feature is able to provide you detailed info about potential risks, where and why because of hardware compatibility issues. You get all the info to keep your environment healthy ensuring hardware compatibility, issue prevention, and security compliance.

To simulate potential issues in your environment due to unsupported hardware, from the dashboard click on HW Compatibility.


Turn on ESXi Compatibility Simulation.


From the drop-down Choose ESXi Release menu, select the appropriate ESXi version you want to check.


Click on Simulate button.


In the right pane you can analyze the detected issues with the existing hardware installed in your infrastructure. Click on Server tab to display server related issues.


Click on I/O Devices to check detected issues related to I/O devices.



Editable PCI-DSS security checks

New release allows to edit PCI-DSS security checks to customize some criteria such as password requirements or timeout to be compliant with corporate security regulations.



Manual upgrade of Runecast Analyzer

To check if a new Runecast Analyzer version is available, go to Settings > Update. If a new release is available, a notification is displayed.


To manually upgrade Runecast Analyzer, access the Runecast console from vSphere Client.


From the console press F1 to login.


Enter the default credentials (rcadmin/admin) and press Enter.


Access the Updates section and select Online option. Highlight Check for update and install then press Enter.


The upgrade process starts.


Once the upgrade procedure has been completed successfully, you need to reboot the appliance to apply changes.


From vSphere Client right click the Runecast Analyzer appliance and select Power > Restart Guest OS.


Click Yes to confirm.


Checking the installed version from Settings > Update, now the latest release 2.7.3 is installed.


ESXi Upgradability feature is another big step forward of Runecast that is doing an excellent development of this software introducing in each release new important capabilities useful to administrators to keep their vSphere infrastructure functional, healthy and compliant.

Runecast Analyzer 2.7.3 is available to dowload as 14-day trial.