VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.5 offline update


VMTurbo Operations Manager offline update is a new feature introduced with release 5.5 that allows the upgrade of the VA directly from a .zip file downloaded from VMTurbo.

This procedure is useful if your VMTurbo instance is not connected to the Internet and the on-line update cannot be performed.



  • 5 GB available space in the storage (15 GB for large installations)
  • A working full backup to restore the VA in case of any issue during upgrade


Download latest update

Before upgrade, you need to identify if openSuSE (default) or Red Hat is the architecture of your VMTurbo Server to download the correct upgrade file.

To identify the distribution and version in use, login in VMTurbo and select Settings icon > About menu.


From the displayed window you can see both release and architecture of your VMTurbo Server. In the example, the installed version is 5.5.0.




Once you have identified the architecture of the VA, proceed with the download of the correct update:


Install the update

To perform an offline update, open your preferred browser and type the address:


Enter the admin credentials and click Authenticate.


Select Apply Offline Update option and click Choose File to browse the product update file previously downloaded.


Click Upload to begin the update.


The file is uploaded into the server.


When the file has been uploaded, the upgrade process takes place. Don't restart the VMTurbo VM if the UI is not responding.


When the update process completes, check the installed version from Settings icon > About. In the example, after the update the installed version is 5.5.2.


Since the upgrade requires some restructuring of the database files,  the overall process can take many hours depending on the size of your topology and how much data is retained in your database.