VMTurbo 5.5 what's new


VMTurbo released version 5.5 of its Operations Manager product to monitor your virtual infrastructure and control application performance.

In this new release VMTurbo is integrated with VMware vRealize Automation and introduces the capability to update VMTurbo instance online or offline.


What's new

The new release brings the following new features:

  • Integration with vRealize Automation
  • Addition of a new hypervisor: IBM's PowerVM
  • Enhanced Cloud Control with Cross Anything Migration
  • Remote Planning in a second VMTurbo instance
  • UI Improvements:
    • time slider for the health chart
    • health chart over time


Integration with vRealize Automation

vRealize Automation is VMware cloud automation software, which enables developers to provision resources instantaneously. VMTurbo adds real-time intelligent placement decisions intercepting vRA to guarantee application performance based on workload demand and the available resources.



IBM PowerVM Integration

VMTurbo extended support and control for IBM PowerVM, the virtualization solution for IBM POWER servers.


Guest OS can be:

- AIX (UNIX IBM specific)
- Redhat or SUSE Linux
- IBMi (previously OS/400)

VMTurbo 5.5 now integrates with power environments and provides automatable decisions like moving and sizing LPARS assuring performance of PowerVM workloads. Environments with Power and x86 machines can now be managed from a single VMTurbo instance.


Cross Anything Migration

VMTurbo places any workload on any infrastructure assuring performance of applications across any cloud. It breaks down any data center constraints and places workloads where they perform the best.

- Migration VMware > Hyper-V (from vCenter to Hyper-V the MVMC tool is needed to migrate data)
- Datacenter Merge
- Automatic bursting into the cloud



Remote Planning

It's now possible to run remote plans in separate VMTurbo instances so that users can plan and run several plans simultaneously and plans will be executed faster. VMTurbo is not affected by the plans since they are executed in a separate instance.


UI Improvements

Improved the user interface and experience. The new dashboards enable a clearer understanding of the decisions VMTurbo makes and the impact to application performance and infrastructure efficiency.



Time slider for the health chart

Added the ability to navigate back in time to show how many actions are being automated and how much density has improved after actions have been taken.

Health chart over time

Combining before and after charts into one, VMTurbo 5.5 introduces the health over time chart.




VMTurbo is also implementing the new HTML5 based User Interface that will be available probably in the next release.


With VMTurbo you can guarantee performance and efficiency in every area of the data center.