Veeam Recovery Orchestrator v7: Recovery Plans agent - pt.5


Veeam Recovery Orchestrator (VRO) uses Recovery Plans to automate the restore action for virtual and physical machines protected by Veeam Agents.

If you are protecting physical or virtual machines with Veeam Agents (Windows or Linux), VRO can orchestrate the recovery operation in case of a disaster in the Production Site.


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Create Recovery Plans for Agent

Login to Veeam Recovery Orchestrator and access the Recovery Plans section. Select Manage > New to create a new Recovery Plan.

Recovery Plans 1

Assign a Plan Name and optionally a Description. Click Next.

Recovery Plans 2

Select Restore as Plan Type. This option allows to recover VMs from Veeam agent. Click Next.

Recovery Plans 3

Select the correct Recovery Location previously created and click Next.

Recovery Plans 4

In the Inventory Groups section, select from Available Groups the Agent Backup Job configured in Veeam Backup & Replication at Production Site and click Add.

Recovery Plans 5

The selected group has been added to the Plan Groups. Since the configuration procedure is similar to the previous one done for replica, click Next and configure the remaining steps.

Recovery Plans 6

When the Agent Plan configuration has been saved, the plan is displayed in the Recovery Plans section. Make sure the State is set to Verified.

Recovery Plans 7


Run the Recovery Plan

Select the created Recovery Plan and enable it by selecting Manage > Enable, then right click the plan and select Run.

Recovery Plans 8

Enter the requested Administrator Password and click Next.

Recovery Plans 9

The Result must be reported as Success to continue. Click Next.

Recovery Plans 10

Select the Recovery Location created for Agents and click Next.

Recovery Plans 11

Specify the Restore Point to use and click Next.

Recovery Plans 12

If you want to scan the restore points for possible malware before restoring, enable Check malware flags on a maximum of XX restore points option and click Next. If this option is enabled, the recovery will take longer to complete.

Recovery Plans 13

Click Finish to run the Recovery Plan.

Recovery Plans 14

The Restore operation begins for VMs added to the selected plan.

Recovery Plans 15

In Veeam Backup & Replication the Instant Recovery is being executed.

Recovery Plans 16

After a few seconds the Restore process completes successfully.

Recovery Plans 17

Login the DR vCenter Server to check the status of the restored VM. The VM is up and running.

Recovery Plans 18

When the restore operation is complete, make sure the recovered VM works as expected and it is reachable.

Part 6 will cover the configuration of Recovery Plans when backups are used to protect the VMs.


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