Veeam Recovery Orchestrator v7: Recovery Plans replica - pt.4


Veeam Recovery Orchestrator (VRO) uses Recovery Plans to automate recovery actions, such as failover and data recovery functionality.

VRO supports five types of Recovery Plans:

  • Replica plans
  • CDP replica plans
  • Restore plans
  • Storage plans
  • Cloud plans


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Create Recovery Plans for Replica

Login to Veeam Recovery Orchestrator and access the Recovery Plans section. Select Manage > New to create a new Recovery Plan.

recovery plans 1

Assign a Plan Name and optionally a Description. Click Next.

recovery plans 2

Select Replica as Plan Type. This option allows to recover VMs from Veeam replication. Click Next.

recovery plans 3

In the Inventory Groups section, select from Available Groups the Replication Job configured in the DR Veeam Backup & Replication. Click Next.

recovery plans 4

Specify the VM Recovery Options then click Next.

recovery plans 5

Select VM Steps to perform when the Recovery Plan is triggered then click Next.

recovery plans 6

Click Next.

recovery plans 7

Specify RTO & RPO for the Recovery Plan. These values are used to determine if the Backup & Restore operations stay in the allowed timing. Click Next.

recovery plans 8

Select the desired Document Format (PDF file in the example) then click Next.

recovery plans 9

Select the desired Report Scheduling options and click Next.

recovery plans 10

Click Finish to save the configuration.

recovery plans 11

The created Recovery Plan. Before running the plan, make sure the State is reported as Verified. The Plan check is automatically performed if the corresponding option has been selected in the Report Scheduling section.

recovery plans 12


Run the Recovery Plan

To run the created Recovery Plan it must be enabled first. Select the created plan, click Manage and select Enable.

recovery plans 13

The selected plan has been enabled successfully.

recovery plans 14

Click Launch and select Run.

recovery plans 15

Enter the requested Administrator Password and click Next.

recovery plans 16

The Result must be reported as Success to continue. Click Next.

recovery plans 17

Specify the Restore Point to use and click Next.

recovery plans 18

Click Finish to run the Recovery Plan.

recovery plans 19

The Failover operation is triggered for VMs defined in the selected plan.

recovery plans 20

When the the Failover operation starts, in the DR Site Veeam Backup & Replication powers on the replicated VMs.

recovery plans 21

After a few seconds the Failover task is complete. Make sure no errors are displayed.

recovery plans 22

Looking at the DR Veeam Server, the fail overed VMs are now Active. To avoid conflicts, source VMs should be powered off (the system doesn't do this automatically).

recovery plans 23

Looking at the vSphere Client, the fail overed VM has been assigned with the correct Re-IP.

recovery plans 24


Finalize failover

Once the failover has been activated, there are three ways to finalize failover:

  • Undo Failover
  • Permanent Failover
  • Failback


Undo Failover

Before performing the Undo Failover task, keep in mind that changes occurred to fail overed VMs are lost.

Right click the active plan and select Launch > Undo.

recovery plans 25

Enter the Password and click Next.

recovery plans 26

Click Finish to Undo Failover.

recovery plans 27

The task is being executed.

recovery plans 28

After a few seconds the Undo Failover operation completes successfully.

recovery plans 29


Permanent Failover

The Permanent Failover task must be run if you want to permanently switch from the source VM to its replica.

Right click the plan in-use and select Continue.

recovery plans 30

Enter the Password and click Next.

recovery plans 31

Select Permanent failover and click Next.

recovery plans 32

Click Finish to run the plan.

recovery plans 33



The Failback task must be run if you want to switch from VM replicas back to the source VMs or to a new location.

Repeat same above steps and select Failback / Prepare to failback option then click Next.

recovery plans 34

Select Original VM Location as Recovery Location and click Next.

recovery plans 35

Select Use quick rollback for a faster operation. Use this option carefully. Click Next.

recovery plans 36

Select Restore VM tags if requested and click Next.

recovery plans 37

Select Failback now to run the plan immediately. Click Next.

recovery plans 38

Click Finish to run failback.

recovery plans 39

When the failover operation is complete, make sure the source VM works as expected.

Part 5 will cover the configuration of Recovery Plans when Agents are used to protect the VMs.


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