Nakivo Backup & Replication 9.4 with Amazon S3 support


Nakivo released the new Nakivo Backup & Replication 9.4 adding some new features such as the support for Amazon S3 and Instant Physical to Virtual recovery.

After introducing the protection for Oracle in previous release, this long awaited feature is finally available and allows you to store backups and backup copies to Amazon S3.

Nakivo is doing a great job in terms of development and every few months a new version of Nakivo Backup & Replication is released introducing always new features.


What's new in Nakivo Backup & Replication 9.4

The new version provides the following new features:


Backup to Amazon S3

With version 9.4, backups and backup copies can now be stored in Amazon S3. Both VMs and physical servers backups are supported. The backup to Amazon S3 allows the administrators to perform the following operations:

  • Direct backup - backups can be sent directly to Amazon S3.
  • Backup copy - backup copy can be sent to Amazon S3 to guarantee data availability.
  • Instant VM Boot - protected VMs in Amazon S3 can be booted directly from backup for near-instant recover.
  • Data compression - data can be compressed to save storage space.
  • File recovery - individual files and folders can be restored without starting a full backup recovery.
  • Object recovery - restore objects of Microsoft applications such as Exchange, Active Directory, and SQL Server.



Backup of Fault-Tolerant VMware VMs

This new feature creates and maintains an identical copy of the primary VMware VM providing continuous availability protecting both the primary fault-tolerant VM and the secondary VM.


Role-based Access

Level of access to Nakivo can now be assigned through role-based access capability in order to limit available actions eliminating potential risks.



Instant Object Recovery for Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory

Individual Exchange and Active Directory objects can be browsed, searched and recovered directly from compressed and deduplicated backups. Items can be restored to the original location with no need to perform full VM recovery first.


Instant Physical to Virtual recovery

Physical machines can now be converted to VMware VMs directly from the backup for testing purposes or to migrate them to production in case physical servers fail.




  • Synology DSM 6.2 support.
  • Change Transporter load while a backup job is running.
  • Support of multiple target NICs and primary IP for Amazon EC2 replica failover and failback jobs.
  • Allow selecting Transporters and transport load for VMware failback jobs and VMware failback actions of Site Recovery jobs.
  • Microsoft 365 licensing update.

Additional info can be found in the Release Notes.

Nakivo Backup & Replication 9.4 is available to download as 30-day trial.