VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.3 released


VMTurbo released Operations Manager 5.3 introducing some new features like QoS for Microsoft Exchange, MySQL support and Nutanix Hot Storage integration.

The new release is GA and available to download in VMTurbo website.


What's new in release 5.3

The new version covers main working areas with some new interesting features:

  • Application layer
  • Network
  • Shared-nothing migration
  • Storage
  • Hybrid cloud


Assure QoS in Virtualized Microsoft Exchange

operationsmanager53released02The ability to define transaction throughputs or response times (QoS) is now extended to Microsoft Exchange. VMTurbo continuously control the environment in a state in which the specified QoS levels are delivered.


Expanded Database Control in the App Layer: MySQL

operationsmanager53released03 MySQL can be now discovered and controlled by VMTurbo. The software will auto-scale up or out, controlling Database Memory, vMem, Connections, Transactions, Response Time and vCPU.


Reduce Costs & Drive Efficiency with Shared-Nothing Migration

operationsmanager53released04 With the new VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.3, it is now possible to move VMs between hosts that do not share the same storage.


Nutanix Integration: adding the “Hot Storage” commodity

operationsmanager53released05VMTurbo integrates the Nutanix "Hot Storage" commodity to maximize the utilization of Hot Storage (SSD), minimizing the need for Cold Storage (HDD) and the latency that occurs as a result. Read more about Nutanix integration.


Other new developments


Minimize Latency in Dell Compellent

VMTurbo discovers and controls Dell Compellent to assure performance of I/O-intensive applications. The software’s decisions minimize latency by preventing storage contention and its impact on workloads.


Integration with VMware NSX

VMTurbo provides the world’s only network-aware placement and now supports VMware NSX. Its Network Control Module makes decisions that minimize latency within and across applications and VMs without compromising access to compute and storage resource demands.


Support for IBM Softlayer

The Hybrid Cloud Control Module determines whether workloads should reside in your data center private cloud, the public cloud or a hybrid combination. It maximizes utilization in the private cloud only using the public cloud to meet unpredictable workload demand.


VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.3 is available for download as 30-day trial.