vRealize Operations Manager 8.0.1 configure SSO service


To simplify the authentication process, the Single Sign On (SSO) service can be configured in vRealize Operations Manager (vROPS) to access your infrastructure with a single account.

This solution allows the administrators to use and manage a single account to access network systems.


Configure SSO in vRealize Operations Manager

Login vRealize Operations Manager by entering the credentials and clicking Log In.

operations manager 1


Configure the NTP service

To avoid authentication issues, all systems in your infrastructure must be time synced. Before configuring the SSO service, make sure the NTP service is configured in vROPS.

Go to Administration tab and access the Management > Cluster Management section. From the Action drop-down menu select Network Time Protocol Settings.

operations manager 2

Enter the NTP Server Address then click Add. Click OK to save the configuration.

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Configure the SSO service

Now go to Access > Authentication Sources section and click the plus (+) icon to add a source.

operations manager 4

Enter vCenter as Source Display Name and select SSO SAML as Source Type. Enter the Host to use and the credentials then click Test to verify if the connection can be established. Although SSO SAML, Windows Active Directory or Open LDAP can be chosen, leave default SSO SAML for vROPS and configure the vCenter to use AD authentication.

operations manager 5

Thick the checkbox Accept this Certificate and click OK.

operations manager 6

When the connection is successfull, click OK.

operations manager 7

Enter the Search Prefix for the account to use to access vRealize Operations Manager (administrator for example) and click Search. Select the account and click OK.

operations manager 8

From Select role drop-down menu select the role Administrator then enable Assign this role to the group option. Grant the access to all objects and click Finish.

operations manager 9

Click Yes to confirm.

operations manager 10

The selected account is now enabled to access the system.

operations manager 11

As soon as you try accessing vROPS through your browser, the log in step is skipped and the main dashboard is displayed.

operations manager 12

With SSO configuration enabled you don't need to log in to vROPS again as long as you are logged into the vSphere Client.


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