IT TechPills: my YouTube channel for an effective backup strategy


IT TechPills is my new YouTube channel focused on Backup, Disaster Recovery and Data Protection and covers topics useful to implement an effective backup strategy.

The channel is mainly in Italian language but enabling the YouTube CC button you can activate the subtitle for your language.



IT TechPills for an effective backup strategy

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Data Protection are the topics covered in this channel.

In addition to videos explaining the key concepts of backup and the used terminologies that may not be clear to everyone, published videos will cover available functions, design concepts, configurations and best practices of some common data protection software solutions.

This is an example of available videos you can find in the IT TechPills channel.


To broaden the overview and start a more focused discussion, interviews with some industry experts will also be available to delve into specific topics.

Check out the IT TechPills channel and subscribe!


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