PernixData FVP 3.0 is now GA


PernixData FVP 3.0 is now GA, a product that clusters server flash and RAM to create a low latency I/O acceleration tier for any shared storage environment.

Main features introduced in the new release are the vSphere 6.0 support, a stand alone HTML 5 user interface and a new license activation UI.


What's new


vSphere 6.0 support: new release now fully support vSphere 6.0 with hosts running ESXi 5.1 or newer. FVP 3.0 will no longer support vSphere 5.0 platform.

HTML 5 user interface: a brand new standalone web client interface has been introduced to configure and monitor all FVP clusters. In addition you have the visibility into other FVP clusters that may reside in a different vCenter or vSphere cluster. FVP 3.0 still includes the vCenter plugin to give the basic FVP analytics.

Redesigned license activation process: you can now activate and manage all of your licensing online through the new PernixData UI. The license key is the only thing you need while the new FVP licensing activation process will do the rest.

New audit log: FVP 3.0 now has a separate audit log that allows a quick review of what’s changed without having to visit each host in vCenter.

Performance improvements.

PernixPlus support.

Latest version of FVP is available as fully working 30-day trial.


FVP freedom



PernixData released also the new product FVP Freedom, a completely free I/O acceleration software platform that accelerates storage reads using server RAM.

This FVP release has some limitations:

  • Up to one FVP Cluster
  • Up to 128 GB supported in the FVP Cluster
  • Read acceleration only (write through mode only, no write back)
  • Community support only

FVP Freedom download is available at PernixData website.