PernixData FVP Freedom features and setup


PernixData FVP Freedom is a free version of FVP which can be used for an unlimited number of hosts and unlimited number of virtual machines.

Compared to Standard or Enterprise version, FVP Freedom has some limitations and provides memory read caching only.



  • Support for vSphere 5.1, 5.5 and 6.0
  • Maximum 128GB of Memory (DFTM) per FVP Cluster
  • Unlimited VMs and Hosts
  • Write Through configuration
  • Community support

To enable DFTM-Z (Memory Compression) or the ability to configure Write Back for the VMs you need to upgrade to FVP standard or enterprise licensing options.



The installation procedure is the same as for Standard edition explained in this post.

Once installed, PernixData FVP Freedom can be activated using the license page.


To access the Management Console, open your favorite browser and type the address:


Enter the correct credentials and click Login.


FVP Freedom main screen.



Community support

To provide support and collaboration among the Freedom users, a Freedom Community forum has been launched. To access the forum you can use the same PernixData download portal account.


Download for Freedom edition is available at PernixData website.