VMware vCenter Server 7 what's new


With the release of vSphere 7, VMware introduces some new features in vCenter Server improving functionality, performance with a simplified management.

The new version introduces also the VM Hardware 17 with two new features:

  • Watchdog Timer - when the guest OS stops responding, the virtual machine is reset
  • Precision Clock - sub millisecond time accuracy for the virtual machine


What's new in vCenter Server 7

Some of the new features provided with version 7.


vCenter Server Profiles

vCenter Server Profiles is a new feature that allows administrators to export existing vCenter configurations from one node and import them in another vCenter. vCenter Server Profiles consists in four RestAPIs administrators can execute to obtain the following:

  • List - list the configurations that can be exported or imported
  • Export - export the configuration as json file
  • Validate - validates the configuration changes against the target vCenter Server
  • Import - the desired configuration changes are imported into the target vCenter Server

The procedure via these APIs doesn't require a reboot of the vCenter Server.



Update Planner

Update Planner is used to update the vCenter Server without the hassle of checking the HCL and Interoperability Matrices. It automatically checks if the new vCenter version is compatible with the VMware components integrated with the vCenter Server. Updates and patches are managed from the same interface simplifying lifecycle operations.

Update Planner provides the following features:

  • Notification when an update is available
  • Pre-Upgrade check to check for issues before upgrading
  • What-if scenario if an upgrade is performed




In vCenter Server 7 the DRS now runs every minute (previously the DRS was processed every 5 minutes) and the algorithm is now based on VM DRS score. The VM DRS score indicates the efficiency of the virtual machine:

  • Values closer to 0% - indicates resource contention
  • Values closer to 100% - indicates no resource contention

Based on the new functionality, DRS will move the VM to another host only if the VM efficency is improved.



Simultaneously Upgrade and Converge

Since external PSC topology is deprecated during the upgrade of the vCenter Server with an external PSC, the procedure will upgrade and converge the external PSC into the vCenter Server automatically.

Converged PSCs must still be decommissioned.



vCenter Server Multi-Homing

In version 7 multi-homing is supported in a single appliance. Keep in mind that in the new architecture NIC1 will be always reserved for VCHA.


VM Template management

This new feature introduces the template versioning and can be used for templates stored in the Content Libraries. Previously to manage changes within a template, you needed to store different templates o snapshots making the management tricky.

The new capability allows you to simplify templates management introducing the check-in and check-out operations (picture from vladan.fr):

  • Check-in - saves new changes and version to the template
  • Check-out - edit the template


Additional info about vCenter Server 7 can be found at VMware website.

The release date of vSphere 7 hasn't been confirmed yet but it is expected by May 2020.