New per-VM licensing option in Veeam


Veeam recently changed its products licensing options introducing a new per-VM licensing option based on the number of virtual machines to protect.

Previously the licensing was based on per-socket basis giving the user the freedom to protect VMs regardless of the total number.


In some scenarios the socket-based license was not ideal especially for SMB and ROBO environments where the number of virtual machines to protect is often very little and end-users had sometimes to license 2 or 4 sockets (depending on the installed nodes) just to protect few VMs.

To keep the offer cost effective, Veeam introduced this new per-VM license option that allows the end-users to select any number of VMs (minimum 5 VMs) which, unlike with per-socket license, you can exceed slightly and there are 1 to 5 year subscription licenses available with significant discounts on a longer subscription, also depending on how you purchase.

Another big benefit of subscription licenses is that they already include Premium 24×7 support whereas, with perpetual licenses, you need to pay on-going support and maintenance fees every year.

Perpetual licenses are licensed per CPU socket on hosts with virtual machines (VMs) to be backed up, replicated, monitored or reported on. A license is required for each occupied motherboard socket as reported by the hypervisor API.


Detailed licensing options can be found in the dedicated pricing page.