Runecast Analyzer vCenter Server plugin setup


Runecast Analyzer, a proactive issue prevention solution for VMware vSphere, can be integrated in vCenter Server using a plugin provided by the software.

The plugin is very useful for having at first sight the healthy status of your virtual infrastructure components directly from the vCenter Server.


Generate the API access token

Login Runecast Analyzer by entering the correct credentials then click Login button.


From the Dashboard, click on Setting icon to access the software configuration.


From the Setting section, go to vCenter Connection tab and click Edit button to install the plugin in the selected vCenter Server. Select Install Plugin option to proceed.


Click Install to proceed with the plugin installation. The process takes only few seconds.


When the plugin has been installed successfully, you receive a notification from the installation window. Click Close to exit the wizard.

Runecast Analyzer plugin 1

Now go to API Access tokens tab and click Generate API access token to create the token to be entered in the vCenter Server plugin configuration.


Enter a Description and click Generate to create the token.


When the token has been generated, click copy token link and write down the number somewhere since the number won't be showed again once the window is closed. Make sure the number has been noted then click I understand button to close the window.


The token has been created and it is now listed in the table.



Configure Runecast plugin in vCenter Server

When the API access token has been generated, login to vCenter Server through the vSphere Web Client. Enter the correct credentials and click Login.


Click Home menu and select Administration option. You may notice there is a Runecast icon already in the list.


In the Administration area, select Settings item under Runecast Software-Defined Expertise. Specify the FQDN of the Runecast Appliance and enter the API Access Token. The system automatically tries to establish a connection with the Runecast appliance.


A message confirms the successfully connection to the appliance. The plugin configuration is now complete.


Now select Home from menu and select Runecast. From this area you can click Perform a scan to analyze the selected vCenter Server.


From the Inventory view of the vCenter Server, select any object level (datacenter, cluster, host, or VM) and go to Summary tab. Here you find the Runecast Software-Defined Expertise widget. Click the link Click to view content to display detected issues for the selected object.


To have details of detected issues for any Host, VM, port group, go to Monitor tab and select Runecast Issues. You will get a full list of issues for the object and links to relevant KB.


Once you are aware of potential issues in your infrastructure, from the Runecast Analyzer appliance you can get additional details about the problems and fix them accordingly.

Runecast Analyzer is available as 14-day trial for testing purposes. A detailed guide for installation and setup of Runecast can be found in this post.



  1. Warren Legg 02/01/2018