Runecast Analyzer 1.5 released


Runecast released Runecast Analyzer 1.5, the proactive VMware vSphere management solution that uses VMware KB articles to analyze the virtual infrastructure.

The analysis exposes potential issues and best practice violations that should be fixed to avoid major outages.


What's new

New features introduced in version 1.5 are the following:

  • Added the ability to analyze and manage multiple VMware vSphere vCenters via one dashboard
  • Added log Search and Filtering
  • Improved security


Upgrade Runecast

To upgrade the Runecast Analyzer appliance, open your favorite browser and enter the address https://IP_Runecast:5480 to access the web administrative console.

Select Update tab and click on Check Updates button to check for Available Updates. When the new version is detected, click Install Updates to proceed with the installation. To update the appliance offline, follow this procedure instead.


Click OK to confirm.


The appliance is being updated.


When the operation completes successfully, the Appliance Version is reported as


Type the address https://IP_Runecast to access the Runecast Analyzer. The message displayed after the upgrade shows what's new in version 1.5. Click Get Started to close the message and access the Dashboard.



Configure multiple vCenter Servers

From the Dashboard, click on Settings icon and select vCenter Connection tab. Click Add vCenter button to specify the vCenter Servers to analyze.


For a complete guide to install and configure Runecast Analyzer, check out this blog series.

A free trial of Runecast Analyzer can be downloaded at Runecast website.