Vembu Office 365 & G Suite Backup 2.0 beta


Vembu announced the release of Vembu Office 365 and G Suite backup 2.0 beta, a backup solution to easily protect data in Office 365 and G Suite environments.

The new version provides some new features and it's able to perform the backup of the following items:

  • Office 365 - protect Exchange Online (mail, calendar, contacts) and OneDrive
  • G Suite - protect Gmail, calendar, contacts and drive



What's new in Vembu Office 365 & G Suite Backup 2.0

The upcoming new release provides some new interesting enhancements that can be summarized as follows:


On-premises deployment

The new release supports the on-premises deployment allowing to store Office 365 and G Suite backups on a local storage as well as to Vembu Cloud. The software is available for Windows-based machines and the installation is pretty simple, just few clicks.



File retention

It is now possible to retain multiple versions (default 5 up to 99 versions) of file backed up from OneDrive and Google Drive.


OneDrive support for all users

Vembu Office 365 & G Suite Backup 2.0 allows now the backup of OneDrive for all the Office 365 users under the domain account. Previously the backup was supported only for tenant admins.


Main features

Vembu Office 365 & G Suite Backup provides useful features to ensure maximum protection:

  • Backup the entire domain account or at a user level
  • Backup can be scheduled and automated for daily operations (incremental)
  • Data can be restored at any point in time
  • User data can be restored to same or different account
  • Reports are generated for all state of backup & restore activities


Install Vembu Office 365 & G Suite Backup 2.0

Download the software from Vembu website and run the installer.


Click Next to begin the installation.


Accept the EULA then click Next.


Select the Complete installation option and click Next.


Click Install to install the software.


Office 365 & G Suite Backup 2.0 beta is being installed in the system.


After few seconds, the installation completes successfully. Click Finish to exit the wizard.


Enter the default credentials admin/admin and click Login to access the dashboard.


When the product runs for the first time, you need to specify the backup repository to store the emails to protect. Select the storage to use and click Save.


Once the repository has been selected, you need to configure the platform (Office 365 or G Suite) to protect and configure the backup job. Click Add Application and configure your Office 365/G Suite tenant.


Office 365 & G Suite Backup 2.0 beta is available to download as 30-day trial.