VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.4 is GA


VMTurbo released Operations Manager 5.4, a solution that continuously assures application performance by orchestrating workloads in the environment based on real-time application and VM demand, resource availability, and business continuity constraints.

Operations Manager 5.4 is GA and installed versions can be updated to latest release. VMTurbo deployment procedure can be found in this article.



What’s new


Cloud Foundry

vmturbo54ga03Support of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) through integration with Cloud Foundry, an open source platform that enables IT teams to build self-service cloud environments on which developers can code directly.

VMTurbo controls Cloud Foundry workloads, determining which workloads should be placed where and when to assure performance at the best possible cost.


Cross vCenter live migration

Extended support for vSphere 6.0 to allow a better migration planning. Migrate VMs between vCenter Targets including disaster avoidance testing, fault tolerance and disaster recovery, multi-site load balancing, and data-center migration.


EMC VMAX and XtremIO storage control

vmturbo54ga04VMTurbo has extended its storage-aware placement capabilities to EMC VMAX and EMC XtremIO.  VMTurbo minimizes resource contention across EMC storage, compute and network.


Application Control with Active Directory authentication

Authenticate to Microsoft SQL databases with Active Directory authentication, getting all the benefits of the Application Control Module.


Proactive Support

Proactive Support assuring the performance of your VMTurbo instance alerting the support team of potential VMTurbo instance performance issues.


UI improved

Improved user interface to enable better understanding of the health of the entire infrastructure.



Upgrade to release 5.4

To perform the VMTurbo upgrade, access the VMTurbo Web Console, go to Admin tab and in the left side click Workflow.


Select Maintenance option then click Check button under Software updates section.


When the new version is detected, click Update to proceed.


In the Update Notice window click Yes to start upgrading.


The process takes some minutes to complete.


When the system has rebooted, the upgrade procedure is complete.


VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.4 is available for download as 30-day trial.