HPE VM Explorer 6.1.5 is GA


HPE VM Explorer 6.1.5 is now available introducing new features like encryption to cloud, enhancing security and fixing some bugs.

In this new release the link to the Windows GUI has been removed leaving the web interface as the main management console. The old GUI is still available by running the command C:\Program Files (x86)\HPE\VM Explorer\VMX.exe but it will be removed before the end of 2016.


What's new

  • Encryption to Cloud: is now possible to enable encryption with a direct backup to cloud. Previously it was required the creation of an encrypted backup to local disk, and then setting up a copy to cloud.


  • Inbound/Outbound backup overview: the Scheduled Backups Tab for each host now provides a view that will summarize all the incoming and outgoing tasks.


  • Reporting API: this feature is in preparation for future integration with HPE’s Backup Navigator product
  • Enhanced Security: the Administrator password requirements are now more stringent
  • New support for ESXi: introduced the support for versions 5.0.3982828,  5.1.3872664, 6.0.3825889

HPE VM Explorer is available as 30-day trial for testing purposes.