VMware ESXi 7: disable "No coredump target has been configured." warning


If you are using SD card or USB key for boot in VMware vSphere 7, you may receive the warning "No coredump target has been configured. Host core dumps cannot be saved".

In vSphere 7 an additional disk is required to store ROM data such as coredumps, configs, etc. and if no physical disk is available in the host, the following warning is displayed at the host level:



Disable "No coredump target has been configured." warning

From the vSphere Client, select the affected ESXi host and go to Configure tab. Select Advanced System Settings under System and click Edit.


Search for UserVars.SuppressCoredumpWarning.


Enter 1 as the value of the string then click OK.


The warning is no longer displayed.


Disabling this warning in VMware vSphere doesn't affect the correct functionality of the ESXi host.


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