Top vBlog 2018 results - Nolabnoparty spot #40


Top vBlog 2018 results have been announced and Nolabnoparty this year spot #40 improving the position compared to previous editions.

An excellent result if I think how many good blogs you can find and especially some new and interesting proposals you can discover in the results list.


Favorite Non-English blog

Nolabnoparty spot #5 in the Favorite Non-English blog category giving me a big satisfaction that pays the lot of time spent writing articles for the blog.


Top vBlog 2018 full results

You can check full results at Eric Siebert’s blog and you can also read the slides presented during the Top vBlog 2018 reveal.

big thanks to Eric for his excellent job and to all those who found my blog useful and voted for me. Thank you!