Trilead VM Explorer 5.4 released


Trilead announced the release of VM Explorer 5.4 introducing some interesting features like encrypted backups and LVM disk support for FLR.

To install the product download the latest version and follow the procedure covered in this guide.


New features

  • Encrypted Backups
    Backups and incremental backups can now be secured using using XTS-AES 128 bit encryption algorithm.


  • LVM and LDM support for File Level Restore
    Single files can now be restored from Linux LVM and Microsoft LDM partitions.
  • Copy Backup Task It is now possible to create a copy of one or more existing backups to different target destination.
  • Custom SSL certificates selection
    It is possible to select a custom SSL certificate when configuring VM Explorer web interface using HTTPS protocol.

A free VM Explorer 5.4 trial is available to download.