Altaro PowerCLI free e-book


PowerCLI is new free e-book released by Altaro useful to learn how to create customized scripts to automate tasks in your vSphere environment.

PowerCLI is a Windows PowerShell interface used to manage VMware vSphere components such as network, storage, virtual machines, guest OS and more.


Altaro PowerCLI e-book

The book written by Xavier Avrillier, provides all the information to automate tasks in vSphere environments using PowerCLI scripts. The book covers basic installation, setup and an overview of PowerCLI terms.

Following the step-by-step instructions, you can build useful scripts to perform some automated tasks, such as:

  • How to retrieve data on vSphere objects
  • Display VM performance metrics
  • How to build HTML reports and schedule them
  • Basics on building functions


PowerCLI The Aspiring Automator’s Guide can be download as free e-book.