Altaro VM Backup 7.0 Augmented Inline Deduplication


Latest Altaro VM Backup 7.0 release introduced the new Augmented Inline Deduplication technology, a solution to optimize data written to the storage.

Data deduplication is a technology that impede a block of data to be stored more than once in the backup repository replacing redundant data blocks with a pointer to the unique data copy. This ensure that only the data that have changed since the previous backup are copied saving space in the storage.



How it works

While previous VM Backup versions used to use the Reverse Delta technology, in version 7.0 Altaro introduced the Augmented Inline Deduplication solution that creates smaller backup size increasing backup speed and efficiency.

The new feature dedupe data across all the backed-up workloads storing backups in a central repository and uses a hash database to keep track of the deduped blocks.


Deduplication process occurs inline, and it means that data is analyzed and compared to the backup repository eliminating redundancies before being written to a backup repository.

Main benefits this technology provides are the following:

  • Fast backups
  • Lower storage requirements

Altaro reports Augmented Inline Deduplication as the best deduplication solution in the industry.



Enable Augmented Inline Deduplication

To enable the new feature in version 7.0, from the Altaro's Dashboard access the Advanced Settings tab and select VMs to process in the Deduplication column.


Augmented Inline deduplication runs across all backup jobs and there is no need to group VMs together.