Turbonomic Operations Manager 6.0 what's new


Turbonomic released the next major release Turbonomic Operations Manager 6.0, the self-managing applications, infrastructure and cloud in real-time solution.

The new release confirms the Turbonomic trend to embrace the cloud more and more.


What's new

New interesting features have been introduced in version 6.0, mostly cloud oriented.



Version 6.0 provides the default HTML5 interface now almost fully functional compared with the old one, and with a cleaner look. Flash-based client will remain available during the transition to help the users to get familiar with the new UI. The new interface shows more details in terms of resources, OS, power state and much more. The drag and drop interface capability allows you to customize the dashboard and all UI elements are API driven.



Cloud storage control

This new feature helps to choose the most suitable storage for your cloud workloads allowing to save costs. 80% of volumes in AWS are using the wrong tier increasing costs. Turbonomic is now capable of analyzing storage performance and moving storage tier in a non-disruptive way and in realtime within AWS and Azure providing the correct tier for your workloads.



Relation DB control

The Turbonomic capability of analysis and auto scaling is now applied to relational DB’s. To ensure performance reducing costs, Turbonomic analyzes resources consumption and determines if scaling up or down.


Suspend or terminate unesed instances

Instances not mission critical that don't need to be available 24/7, consume a lot of resources that increase costs. The new version 6.0 provides the capability to suspend or terminate those instances when unused reducing the I/O, that is, service costs are reduced. The capability of scaling up or scaling down as needed allows you to have performance with optimized costs.



Total instance cost analysis

This feature provides an overview of the costs associated with an instance compute, licensing, IP and storage cost. You have a detailed bill to keep track of expenses.



Pre-paid capacity migration planning

Helps to determine what reserved instance you should purchase for new workloads being added to the cloud.


Spot instance visibility

Discover type of each instance. It pulls a complete spot instance pricing (AZ, instance type, OS).



New integrations

Extended the support into Hyper-V and SCVMM on Windows Server 2016. Drive smart decisions in modern Hyper-V environments.

vRealize Automation (vRA) 7.x version is now supported out of the box. Drive smart placement, sizing, and migration decisions into vRA/vRO deployment process.


Also this new release of Turbonomic offers a lot of new features users will find extremely useful. The new HTML5 UI finally gives the option to get rid of the Flash-based UI.

Turbonomic Operations Manager 6.0 is available as 30-days free trial for testing purposes.