Configure DLS NVIDIA License System


NVIDIA License System (CLS or DLS) is the software solution used to provide licenses to NVIDIA software products to take benefit of vGPUs installed in your ESXi hosts.

Software applications such as CAD or VDI environments with high graphic resources demanding require a valid license to enable NVIDIA graphic capabilities when one or more vGPUs are installed in the system.

Because the legacy vGPU License Manager is deprecated, organizations that use NVIDIA solutions need to implement the new NVIDIA License System before the legacy model reaches the end of life on July 31, 2023.

NVIDIA License System currently supports two types of service instances:

  • Cloud License Service (CLS) - hosted on the NVIDIA licensing portal
  • Delegated License Service (DLS) - hosted on-premises for offline licenses assignment


Deploy the DLS NVIDIA License System

Login to the NVIDIA portal by entering your credentials then click Login.

nvidia license system 1

Access the Software downloads section and click the Non-Driver downloads option. Select the NLS License Server for the platform in use (VMware vSphere in the example) and click Download.

nvidia license system 2

Click Agree and Download to download the appliance in your computer.

nvidia license system 3

The NLS appliance has been downloaded.

nvidia license system 4


Deploy the NLS appliance

Once the appliance has been downloaded, open the vSphere Client and right click the vSphere object level on which you want to deploy the NVIDIA license system.

Select Deploy OVF Template and click Upload Files. Select the NLS appliance downloaded from NVIDIA portal and click Next.

nvidia license system 5

Enter the Virtual machine name and select the location for the VM. Click Next.

nvidia license system 6

Select the appropriated compute resource and click Next.

nvidia license system 7

Click Next.

nvidia license system 8

Select the storage to install the appliance and click Next.

nvidia license system 9

Select the appropriated VM Network and click Next.

nvidia license system 10

Enter the network settings to configure for the appliance and click Next.

nvidia license system 11

Click Finish to start the deployment.

nvidia license system 12


Assign a static IP address

If the IP address is not automatically assigned to the appliance via DHCP or not configured, access the NLS appliance console and login as dls_system.

Type the following command to assign a static IP:

# /etc/adminscripts/

Enter the required network settings.

nvidia license system 13


Create the admin user

Once the IP address has been configured, open your preferred browser and enter the address https://<IP_NLS_appliance>. From the main dashboard, access the Setup area and click New Installation.

nvidia license system 14

Enter the Username to use (dls_admin in the example) and the Password then click Register.

nvidia license system 15

When the user has been registered successfully, click Continue to Login.

nvidia license system 16

Enter the just created credentials and click Log In.

nvidia license system 17

You are now logged to the NLS appliance.

nvidia license system 18


Rename the Instance default name

If you want to customize the instance name, go to Service Instance section and select Action > Edit.

nvidia license system 19

Enter a meaningful Name and a Description then click Edit Service Instance.

nvidia license system 20


Download the DLS Instance Token

We need to download the token used to configure the service instance in the NVIDIA portal. The token file can be downloaded in two different way.

From the Service Instance Detail section by clicking the Download DLS Instance Token.

nvidia license system 21

From the Dashboard section click Download DLS Instance Token and save it anywhere in your computer.

nvidia license system 22

The token file just downloaded from the DLS appliance.

nvidia license system 23


Upload the DLS Instance Token

Go back to NVIDIA portal and access the Service Instances area. Click Actions and select Register DLS instance.

nvidia license system 24

Check New installation and click on Select Instance Token.

nvidia license system 25

Select the previously saved token and click Open.

nvidia license system 26

Click Upload Token.

nvidia license system 27

The DLS token has been imported successfully.

nvidia license system 28


Register the token

You need now to register the token to the portal. From Service Instances section click Actions and select Register.

nvidia license system 29

Click Register.

nvidia license system 30

The DLS appliance is now registered.

nvidia license system 31


Create the License Server

Now go to the License Server > Create Server area and enter the Name for the server to create. Click Next Select features.nvidia license system 32

Select the license type and specify the number of licenses to use. Click Next Preview server creation.

nvidia license system 33

Click Create Server.

nvidia license system 34

Click Actions and select Bind.

nvidia license system 35

Select the previously created Server.

nvidia license system 36

Click Bind.

nvidia license system 37

The bind operation has been completed successfully.

nvidia license system 38


Download the license file

When the License Server has been created, you need to download the license file to install to the DLS appliance. Click Actions and select Download.

nvidia license system 39

Click Download.

nvidia license system 40

Save the license file anywhere in your computer.

nvidia license system 41


Install the license server in the DLS appliance

From the Dashboard of the DLS appliance, click Select License File Server File.

nvidia license system 42

Select the previously downloaded license file and click Open.

nvidia license system 43

Click Install Server.

nvidia license system 44

The installation of the DLS appliance has been completed.

nvidia license system 45


Configure DLS HA

To avoid service disruption in case the appliance fails, it is recommended to create the NVIDIA License System in HA configuration to eliminate the SPOF situation.

Following the above procedure, deploy another DLS appliance and assign a static IP address.

From the first DLS appliance, access the Service Instance area and click Configure high availability.

nvidia license system 46

Switch the Enable high availability selector to ON.

nvidia license system 47

Enter the Network location (FQDN) of the second DLS appliance and click Ping to check if the appliance is reachable. If the connection is successful, click Create Cluster.

nvidia license system 48

The HA cluster is being configured.

nvidia license system 49

After few seconds, the HA cluster configuration completes successfully. The High availability is now reported as Clustered.

nvidia license system 50


Configure clients

To receive the license properly, the NVIDIA driver installed in the clients must know which server to contact. For this reason it's necessary to generate the client configuration token from the DLS appliance and install the token to the clients (VDI Golden Images or Workstations).


Generate client config token

From the DLS appliance, click Actions in the Service Instance Details section and select Generate client config token.

nvidia license system 51

To download the token you must select the Scope reference first.

nvidia license system 52

Access the Scope references tab and select the previously created server under Server Name. Click Download Client Configuration Token.

nvidia license system 53

Save the file anywhere in the computer.

nvidia license system 54


Install the config token in the client

Right click the just created token file and select Copy.

nvidia license system 55

Paste the file to the client's folder C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\vGPU Licensing\ClientConfigToken.

nvidia license system 56


Check the license assignment

Previously clients used the Port 7070 TCP to request licenses to the legacy vGPU License Manager. With the new DLS NVIDIA License System requirements have changed and the following ports between clients and the DLS Appliance must be open in your firewall:

  • CLS instance - Ports 443 and 80
  • DLS instance - Ports 443 and 80 (8081 and 8082 only between DLS HA Instances)


Check assigned license from the client

To check if the license has been assigned to the client, open the Command prompt from the client and navigate to folder C:\Windows\System32 and run the command:

C:\Windows\System32> nvidia-smi -q | more

nvidia license system 57

The License Status is reported as Licensed. The client received the license from the DLS appliance.

The successful acquisition of the license is confirmed also by the message displayed in the bottom right of the screen.

nvidia license system 58


Check assigned license from DLS appliance

From the DLS appliance, access the Leases area and check the assigned licenses.

nvidia license system 59

If you use NVIDIA products at your organization, DLS (or CLS) NVIDIA License System is the only supported method to assign licenses to clients. If a legacy vGPU License Manager is still in use, it's time to plan the migration to the new NVIDIA License System because the legacy Server is deprecated and EOL has been planned on 31st of July 2023.



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