Dell-EMC Unity software upgrade


To keep storage performance at the highest level and to prevent potential issues, the Dell-EMC Unity storage software should be upgraded on regular basis.

The upgrade procedure doesn't stop the storage functionality and can be safely performed during working hours. To avoid service disruption make sure to follow the right steps and recommended checks.


Check installed software

The Unisphere web console is the tool used to manage the Unity storage device. Using your preferred browser, login to the console by entering the correct credentials.


Before starting the upgrade procedure, you need to identify the current installed software in the Unity. Click the System Status icon to get current software version.


Once the version has been identified, go to website and download the latest available software. Generally you may also find the updated firmware for the installed drives. Download both and check the compatibility matrix to ensure a direct upgrade to the desired version is actually supported.


Reboot the Unity's storage processors

To verify if both controllers can be restarted with no issues, the controllers reboot is the first operation to do before the starting the upgrade.

From the Unisphere GUI, access the Service area under SYSTEM and go to Service Tasks tab. The first Storage Processor to reboot should not be marked as Primary. Select Reboot for the corresponding controller (Storage Processor A in the example) and click Execute.


Enter the Service Password and click OK to reboot.


While rebooting, the Storage Processor A Status is reported as Degraded.


When the Storage Processor A has been successfully rebooted, repeat same operation also for the other controller (Storage Processor B in the example).


As occurred for the first Processor, also the Storage Processor B Status is reported as Degraded during the reboot. Note that also the Storage Processor A has the Status reported as Degraded.


Wait until the reboot process completes before proceeding with the upgrade.


Upgrade the software

Access the Settings area and go to Software Upgrades section. Before installing the new software, click Perform Health Checks button to ensure the storage can be safely upgraded.


Click Perform Health Checks to proceed.


When the process has been completed with no errors, click Close.


Now the storage can be safely upgraded. Click Start Upgrade.


Click Next.


Click Browse and select the previously downloaded software then click Next.


The upgrade package is being uploaded to the system.


Check the Automatically Reboot Storage Processors option in order to automatically reboot the controllers finalizing the upgrade.


Click Finish to start the upgrade.


The upgrade procedure begins. Take a break since the operation requires more than 1 hour.


You may receive this error during the upgrade due to the reboot of the controller on which you are connected. Just click Reload.


When the software upgrade process has been completed, click Reload Unisphere to load the upgraded content.


The new version installation confirmation is displayed. Click Finish.



Upgrade the drive firmware

In addition to the software upgrade, you should also upgrade the drive firmare if available.

From Settings area, access the Drive Firmware section and click Upgrade Drive Firmware. In the example the installed firmware version is ESF8.


The Health Checks operation is performed to ensure disks can be upgraded with no issues.


When the check completes successfully, click Next.


Now click Browse and select the previously downloaded firmware package. Click Next.


Click Finish to proceed with the drive firmware upgrade.


The firmware is being applied to the drives installed in the Unity storage. It takes several minutes to complete depending on the number of installed disks in the storage.


When the procedure completes successfully, click Close to exit the wizard.


Checking the installed firmware version, the version has been upgraded to ESF9.


The upgrade procedure is now complete and the Unity storage device can take benefit of latest features providing better performance and stability.