FSLogix configuration in VMware Horizon


The FSLogix configuration in VMware Horizon environment allows to provide a persistent area to VDI machines such as Instant Clones.

FSLogix is a Microsoft tool used to manage user profiles. User profiles are offloaded to a VHD(X) file stored in a centralized share repository and attached to the VDI during the logon process.

FSLogix can be used to retain application configuration data in the profile but cannot hold user-installed applications. To satisfy both requirements, writable volumes included in the VMware App Volumes solution can be used in your VDI environment.

You can also use both App Volumes and FSLogix at the same time to store user-installed applications to the writable volume and application customizations in the FSLogix Profile Container.


FSLogix configuration in VMware Horizon

To proceed with the FSLogix configuration in VMware Horizon, we need the following prerequistes:

  • A Windows File Server used to store the FSLogix Profiles.
  • The FSLogix application (download the software here).


Configure network shares

From the File Server, create the following folders tree:

  • FSLogix
    - Profiles
    - Logs


This article has been written for StarWind blog and can be found in this page. It covers the full procedure to configure FSLogix in VMware Horizon.


Test FSLogix

After completing the FSLogix configuration, it's time to test if everything works as expected.

Open for example Microsoft Word and enter the credentials to register and configure the application.


Office application has been configured with the specified user.


Logoff from the VDI and login once again. Run Microsoft Word.



Since FSLogix provides a persistent area for the Instant Clones, if everything works as expected, credentials and configuration should be retained and no additional configuration will be requested.


FSLogix works as expected and can be used in those scenarios where Office 365 is installed in your Golden Images and you want that credentials and configurations are retained.

Keep in mind FSlogix can be also used in combination with VMware App Volumes.

Read the full article on StarWind blog.


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