RecoverPoint for VMs 5.2 upgrade procedure


To upgrade the data protection solution RecoverPoint by Dell-EMC you need to follow three steps to upgrade the software without disrupting replication.

The operations required for a successfull upgrade are the following:

  • Upgrading the vRPA clusters
  • Upgrading the ESXi splitters
  • Upgrading the vCenter plug-in


RecoverPoint for VMs 5.2 upgrade

Download from Dell-EMC website the RecoverPoint upgrade and extract the ZIP file content anywhere in your computer.


Upgrading the vRPA clusters

Using your preferred browser, enter the address of the first RecoverPoint cluster to upgrade and specify the correct credentials.


The version currently installed for this example is the 5.2 SP1 and the software will be upgraded to version 5.2 SP2. Click Upgrade a vRPA cluster to upgrade the vRPA members of the selected cluster.


If you are upgrading a cluster that has only one vRPA, you receive this warning. In this case it is recommended to pause all replications but the procedure will continue without full sweep or journal loss. Click Yes.


The wizard performs a system check. If no errors are detected, click Next to continue.


If all requirements are met, thick the I have fullfilled these conditions checkbox and click Next.


Select the option you prefer to download the ISO image. Downloading the ISO in advance may help to avoid nasty surprises in case the download breaks for line issues. Click Browse and select the ISO image to use then click Continue.


The image is being distributed to the cluster.


When the download to vRPAs has been completed, click Next.


If the version requirements file is automatically downloaded and validated successfully, click Next. This step ensures that the system meets the requirements.


If no tweak modifications or signed scripts are discovered on the vRPAs, thick the I have sent the modification file checkbox and click Upgrade.


The cluster is upgraded processing one vRPA at time. If at least two vRPAs are configured in the cluster, the process is not disruptive to replication.


After some minutes the upgrade completes successfully. Click Back to the home page or Finish to exit the wizard.


The vRPAs have been upgraded to new version. The RP4VMs Plugin still reports the old version because it hasn't been upgraded yet.



Upgrading the ESXi splitters

Step two involves the upgrade of the Splitters installed on the ESXi hosts.

Enable the SSH in the hosts to upgrade and using a tool like WinSCP to copy the new splitter version to the /tmp folder in the ESXi.

Put in Maintenance Mode the first ESXi member of the RecoverPoint cluster and login with root credentials. Enter the following command to check the installed version of the splitter:

# esxcli software vib list | grep rp


Remove the old splitter with the command:

# esxcli software vib remove -n RP-Splitter


Now install the new splitter with the command:

# esxcli software vib install -v /<vib_full_path> --no-sig-check  


Check the installed splitter version.

# esxcli software vib list | grep rp


Exit the host from Maintenance Mode.


Repeat same procedure for all ESXi hosts member of the RecoverPoint cluster.


Upgrading the vCenter plug-in

Last step is the upgrade of the vCenter plug-in. Access the flex version of vSphere Client and select Home > RecoverPoint for VMs.


In the RecoverPoint area, click Help and select About RecoverPoint for VMs.


Click Upgrade.


Select the Recommended version option then click OK.


Click OK and logoff from vCenter to complete the upgrade.


Checking the plug-in version from the RecoverPoint cluster page, is now reporting the correct version.


The upgrade process is now complete and RecoverPoint for VMs has been successfully upgraded to latest version.