StarWind Deduplication Analyzer


StarWind Deduplication Analyzer is a free tool by StarWind that allows to evaluate how much space can be saved on the disk by leveraging data deduplication.

The tool can be run directly from a single executable file and doesn't need to be installed.


How StarWind Deduplication Analyzer works

When the tool runs, it analyzes the files and shows the deduplication ratio that can be achieved if deduplication is applied.

StarWind Deduplication Analyzer can be used in two scenarios:

  • Analysis of shared network folders and local folders on a Windows machine.
  • ESX datastore analysis.

When executed, the software builds a list of the files located in the specified path and analyzes their size. These files are opened in read-only mode by StarWind Deduplication Analyzer to read the data sets then through the deduplication engine counts the number of unique blocks for redundant data.


Run the tool

Run the analyzer and click Next.


Select the Source location for your analysis (in the example a VMware ESXi server will be analyzed) and click Next.


Specify the IP address and credentials to connect then click Next.


The datastores attached to the specified ESXi server are displayed.


Expand one datastore and select a folder to analyze (lx-wordpress01 in the example). Click Next.


The selected folder is being analyzed.


Once the analysis is complete you can save the result anywhere on your computer.


StarWind Deduplication Analyzer is available to download as free-software.


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