Turbonomic 5.9 extends cloud visibility


Turbonomic released the new 5.9 release that introduce important new features to control costs and placement of your workloads in the hybrid cloud.

The new release extended the platform’s on-premises capabilities with new support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure public cloud environments making the move to the hybrid cloud easier achieving maximum performance at a minimum cost.


Version 5.9 still offers the old GUI since the new HTML5-based UI is still work in progress and perhaps it will do its debut in version 6.0.


What's new

Amazing features have been introduced in version 5.9. Processing has been improved and it is now 100 up to 400x faster. The table below shows some examples of the time needed to analyze the environment based on VMs number.



Lower Cloud Costs

Turbonomic now displays real-time costs of your workloads placed in AWS and Azure environments. You can see breakdown by different views to better analyze costs vs performance.


Cloud Account - you can see the breakdown by Cloud Account.


Cloud Service Provider - it's possible to display cost breakdown by Cloud Service Provider.


Budget Management - you can specify a fixed monthly budget to spend providing best placement with available cloud targets.



Cloud migration planning

A very interesting tool that allows the administrators to migrate to AWS and Azure on-time and under budget. Plan migrations are based on your infrastructure placing the workloads in the right zones and regions to deliver reliable performance at the lowest cost. 

From the Global Environment tab, click on PLAN button.


Select Migrate to Public Cloud as plan type.


Select VMs to migrate.


You can choose on which provider you want to move to (AWS, Azure or both) and the available regions. Select desired Provider and Regions.


Turbonomic displays the costs with or without Turbonomic for the selected plan showing the difference in terms of saving.



Compliance Assurance

Designated HA workloads are spread across multiple cloud regions and availability zones or data center, cluster and hosts on-premises complying with risk management specifications for mission critical applications.


Assure Performance

Applications workloads can get the resources they need, when they need them, for the lowest cost, continuously in real-time.

Costs can be controlled with Turbonomic due to its capability to automatically scaled down or suspend instances when they are not needed without impacting performance.



Hybrid Cloud Visibility

With Turbonomic 5.9 you have a single pane of glass for resource consumption across on-premises data centers and cloud services.


Features introduced in version 5.9 make Turbonomic a unique solution able to optimize costs, management and performance of your workloads on-premises and on cloud. Additional info can be found at Turbonomic website.