Trilead VM Explorer 5.3 released


Trilead VM Explorer 5.3 has been released introducing new enhancements and fixing some bugs.

Support for VMware Virtual SAN and Restore Points in incremental replication are the most interesting features introduced with this new release.


What's new

The release 5.3, in addition to solve some issues (i.e. custom Script "Run AS"), introduces some enhancements:

  • New support for ESXi 5.5.2456374
  • Added support to VMware Virtual SAN datastores (VSAN)
  • Added Wizard to add/edit servers in web interface
  • Added Restore Points in incremental replication


Support to VMware Virtual SAN

Incremental backup and replication are now supported for virtual SAN datastores.


Wizard to add/edit Servers

The add/edit server Wizard in web interface has been improved making easier the configuration steps.

To add a new server, click Add a new Server option from the main screen.


Click on the type of server you want to add (i.e. ESXi).


Enter a Display Name then click Next.


Type Hostname, Username and Password then click Next.


Leave default then click Next.


Enable the options required (SCP requires SSH enabled in the host) then click Next to continue.


Enable VD Service to take advantage of VMware CBT technology then click Next.


If the test completed successfully, click Next.


Specify default folders then click Next.


Click Save to add the server.


The new server has been successfully added.



Restore Points in incremental replication

With the new release is now possible to configure restore points in incremental replication and revert replicated VMs to any previous state.


In Replication Explorer tab, right click the replica's restore point to revert the VM then click Power On Selected Version option.



Trilead VM Explorer editions

Trilead VM Explorer 5.3 is available as fully working 10-day trial for testing purposes and comes with three editions:

  • Free - limited functionalities, no scheduling, no incremental backups
  • Pro - backup and incremental backup, replication and incremental replication, public and private cloud backup, application-consistent backup using VSS, file level restore
  • Enterprise - instant VM Recovery, support for vMotion on IVMR, file level restore from the cloud, automated test on cloud backups, multi user interface with Active Directory integration


Installation and setup

To install and configure Trilead VM Explorer, check out my previous posts.

Additional info can be found in the Trilead website.