Turbonomic for Kubernetes and AWS


Turbonomic extended its offer by adding the support for Kubernetes and the cloud platform Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Organizations are moving their workloads to the cloud platform (public/hybrid) to satisfy the growing business needs. The biggest challenge administrators have to face is how to ensure application performance during their IT activities:

  • Data center resizing
  • Apps sizing and placement
  • Deployment and management of new cloud and container technologies

In order to satisfy these needs, Turbonomic added the capability to support Kubernetes and AWS.


Turbonomic for Kubernetes on AWS

Kubernets is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.


Turbonomic can now provide many benefits to Kubernetes:

  • Can automate the vertical and horizontal scaling decisions in Kubernetes and across the whole stack.
  • Automates pod placement across nodes by matching real-time resource demands to available supply.
  • Policies can be easily set to implement business constraints with a simplified process. It constrains dynamic or set groups of pods to certain nodes, zones, or regions. Same method can be used to set HA rules.


A free edition is available for testing purposes. Additional details can be found here.


Turbonomic AWS Cloud Manager

In AWS environment, when an EC2 instance has launched you are billed and charged for the time that the instance is running. The management of EC2 instances can be sometimes tricky and requires a constant monitoring to be cost effective.


Turbonomic helps the management process in the following ways:

  • Identifies oversized EC2 instances with downsize recommendations and places the instances in the zone or region with the least cost and latency.
  • Sizes EC2 instances using real-time app demand.
  • Ensures HA compliance avoiding the placement on the same zone to ensure they tolerate zone failure.
  • Automates vertical and horizontal scaling decisions in AWS.
  • Enables instances to self manage, ensuring real-time resource needs are continuously matched to the available supply.


A free edition is available for testing purposes. Additional details can be found here.