Configure VMware Horizon 7 to access physical machines


In the situation where employees need to access their work computers remotely, VMware Horizon can be configured to allow the access to physical machines located at office.

To avoid tricky and unsecure solutions to access corporate computers from home, VMware Horizon provides safe and controlled accesses to physical computers located at office with a limited load of the IT staff in terms of deployment and management.


Configure VMware Horizon 7 to access physical machines

The concept is to have a working Horizon Connection Server located in the corporate LAN reachable via VPN or via Internet through the Unified Access Gateway component. If the Horizon infrastructure is not already implemented, it is a matter of minutes to setup the required components for this purpose.


Relying on encrypted connections, Horizon supports different authentication protocols such as Active Directory, Radius, certificates and so on, offering a secure connection. This procedure allows the administrators to make physical machines located in the corporate LAN reacheable by remote users assigning the access to specific users.

This article has been written for StarWind blog and can be found in this page. It covers the full procedure to configure VMware Horizon 7 to access physical machines.


Test the connection

To test the connection, you may need to establish a VPN connection to your office first if the Unified Access Gateway is not available.

Open your preferred browser and enter the address https://<dns_horizon_server>/portal. If the Blast Extreme protocol is supported, select VMware Horizon HTML Access.


Enter the username and password then click Login.


From the Horizon's dashboard, click the assigned machine to connect.


The login screen of the physical machine is displayed. Enter the credentials and press Enter.


The user is now connected to the physical computer located at the office and he/she is now able to do his/her duties.


In case of unpredictable events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, this solution allows the companies to save a lot of money since the purchase of expensive computers for employees working from home is not necessary. A simple and cheap computer may suffice for the user to connect the working place and become productive again.

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