Veeam Endpoint Backup Free 1.5 is GA


Veeam released the new version of popular tool Veeam Endpoint Backup Free 1.5 introducing cool new features such as built-in email notifications, weekly backups and CryptoLocker protection.


What's new

Several enhancements and new features have been introduced with version 1.5.


Email notification

Enabling the email notification you can receive the backup job status report without logging into the system to view the status.

From Settings tab, flag Enable mail notifications option then click on Configure and test link.


Enter your email and SMTP settings then click Test Message button to test email notification.



CryptoLocker protection

When a backup is performed on USB storage, at the end of the process the device is ejected protecting backup files residing on from potential CryptoLocker-type thread.

Flag Eject removable storage once backup is completed option to enable CryptoLocker protection.



Daily backup enhancements

Added the option to run backups during specific days avoiding useless backups during weekends.



Protection from a missed daily backup

The new scheduler option lets you configure backup jobs to perform a missed daily backup at the first opportunity.



Other new features

- Ability to skip bad blocks (experimental): added capability to back up an already failing hard drive in a last attempt to save pieces of information that are still recoverable. Enabled via Registry.

Full backup to a custom location: perform an ad hoc full backup to any location via a command line. The created full backup is standalone and not affected by retention policy.

- Job progress monitor: job progress is now displayed in the taskbar icon.


- WiFi signal strength display: WiFi signal strength is now displayed on the Wi-Fi icon to inform you about possible connectivity issues.

Backup history chart switch: backup chart mode can now be switched between size and duration using the right-click menu.



Upgrade to version 1.5

The upgrade process is very easy. Download the new version of Veeam Endpoint Backup from Veeam website and run the installer.

Accept the EULA and click Update.


Veeam Endpoint Backup is being updated.


When the installation completed successfully, click Finish to exit the installer. Optionally you can run the Veeam Recovery Media creation wizard.


The new version is displayed in the Update tab. Veeam Endpoint Backup Free 1.5  can be downloaded at the moment from Veeam website only but in few days the new version will be deployed also through the auto update server.


New functionalities give faster backup performance, control over backup job progress and schedules, and protection against malware.