Veeam v10 top features overview


Overview of the top features provided in the new Veeam Backup & Replication v10 confirming the Veeam leadership in the backup solutions market.

In version 10 Veeam finally provides some features requested since long time such as Linux Proxy and NAS Backup.


Veeam v10 top features

The new version introduces tons of new features and enhancements. The most relevant capabilities are the following:


NAS and File Server backup

Version 10 provides now the possibility to directly backup NAS and File Server.



Capacity Tier

Immediate Copy

In the Scale-out Repository it is now available the option to perform an immediate copy of data to object storage as soon as they are created.




To secure data against ransomware, version 10 provides the Cloud Tier - Immutability feature to protect from modifications or deletion backups stored in object storage that support S3 Object Lock.



Scale-Out Sealed Mode

This new option applied to Scale-out Repository, come into place when, for example, an extent of the Scale-out Repository needs to be replaced. Version 10 provides the Seal extent option that put the extent in read-only mode preventing data from being written. Read and Restore operations are still available when Seal extent option is enabled.



GFS on Primary Backup

Previously available to Backup Copy Job only, it is now possible to set the GFS backup also in the primary Backup Job.



Immediate copy in Backup Copy Job

The Backup Copy Job provides now the Immediate Copy option that allows to copy immediately new restore points as soon as it has been saved on the primary backup repository.



WAN Accelerator

WAN Accelerator has been improved introducing the High bandwidth mode option for link faster than 100 Mbps. Low bandwidth functionality is now two times faster.



Proxy Linux

Requested for long time, version 10 finally offers the option to configure Veeam Proxy under Linux. Currently Linux Proxy is available for VMware platform and it works in hot-add mode only. It's a good solution especially for SMB or full Linux environments. It's not an appliance but it requires a VM Linux with one of the supported distribution: RHEL, CentOS, openSUSE , SLES, Ubuntu, Debian e derivati.



NFS Repository

Now an NFS Repository can be directly accessed with no need of tricky configurations. Check out this post to configure an NFS Repository.



Instant Recovery

It is now possible to run multiple Instant Recovery at time to restore services in a faster way instead of recovery a single VM per time.


The new capability provides also the option to perform the Instant disk recovery.



Veeam Agent

The new Veeam Agent version introduces some cool features such as:

  • Automatic backup resume if the connectivity breaks for any reason
  • Parallel disk processing
  • Manual mapping for backups



Linux Agent

Also Linux Agent provides new interesting features:

  • Deduplication storage support - backups can now be sent to the dedupe appliances, including Data Domain and StoreOnce
  • Support for consistent backups in PostgrSQL and mySQL


Additional information about Veeam Backup & Replication 10 can be found in the Release Notes.


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